What to put in a bio?

Funny enough, I’m going to start my photography bio by saying I’ve been acting and singing since I was a little kid.  When I came of age, I attended UCLA for Theater and I was exposed to photography for the first time when taking my actor headshots.  I had hired this woman in Los Angeles and she led me downstairs into her dark and dusty garage.  Taking stock of the environment, I was sure I had made the wrong decision.  But she set up her lighting, switched the camera lens to fast and long, and took a few shots.  The results were incredible, and I was hooked on the magic.

When I look back on it, I think photography was an inevitable confluence of my parents' skillsets.  My father, an aerospace engineer, is analytical and numbers-based.  My mother, an interior designer, is incredible with color and spatial design.  Photography fuses both those worlds.

I got my start in portrait work. My background in performance helps me connect with my clients through the lens; however, I also love architectural photography and product marketing. I particularly enjoy using artificial lighting for the control it offers and I often blend it in with natural light for best fill ratios.

I shoot primarily Canon with a full complement of L lenses and Tilt Shifts for Architecture.

I am also a Google Trusted Photographer which allows me to create 3D virtual tours of businesses on Google Street View and am a Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot for aerial photography.